Insights Into the World-Changing Potential of On-Chain Gaming

Blockchain technology and the decentralization movement are set to disrupt many industries, but perhaps none more than gambling. By bringing transparency to a once-opaque industry, on-chain gaming promises to shine a light onto a sector characterized by intransparency and a lack of fairness.

What is Decentralized Gambling?

All payouts and bets are verifiable with all transactions recorded on-chain, thereby leaving platforms with no choice but to acknowledge all activities carried out by players. With this model, no longer can casinos mess with the outcome of wagers or insist that a specific winning bet was never played.

Decentralized gaming and gambling can also include the notion of community governance and utility tokens. With tokens available to the community, players have a stake in the platform, potentially reducing their house edge, being subject to rewards, earning a share of revenue, and providing a genuinely decentralized business model where no single party controls the mechanics of the site.

Why Are Traditional Online Casinos Unfair?

Many are operated by criminal organizations out of less-regulated jurisdictions and can be difficult to track down in the event of a non-payment of winnings. Online casinos have a well-earned reputation for engaging in fraud and theft, usually in the form of (unrevealed) unfair odds and rigging.

Online gambling is a $45 billion a year industry, and despite a sheer yearly growth, it lacks oversight whilst harboring unfair practices. Thankfully, on-chain gambling models can resolve all of those problems by providing a transparent and immutable record of every action taken on the casino. Thanks to its many user-centric benefits, decentralized gambling has become a buzzword despite many casinos not being fully decentralized, fair, or governed by smart contracts.

Untapped Market Opportunity

Access to CryptoPunt will be via a standard web3-enabled Ethereum wallet like MetaMask, meaning that CryptoPunt provides a non-custodial payment policy, so users retain control over their private keys, with funds never moving in the absence of authorization. This model also ensures that there is no risk of delayed or denied withdrawals since wagering happens directly via a user’s web3 wallet — consequently, there are no deposit or withdrawal buttons.

The first games to be launched will be Blackjack, Jackpot, and Coinflip, with many other entertainment options like Crash to follow.

A recent look at the MVP of CryptoPunt has shown a beautiful user interface built for and by punters, offering a sleek, fun, and efficient experience.

Introducing Community Tokens

$PUN is the world’s first casino utility tokens to support both ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards and will be listed directly on the PancakeSwap & Uniswap decentralized exchanges. With a listing price of 25 cents, $PUN will hold an initial market cap of $1.2M.

They are backed by industry heavyweights like VYSYN Capital, CryptoMarvels, Chain Ridge Capital, Insignius Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, and BMW Capital. It is expected that CryptoPunt will demonstrate that on-chain and fully decentralized gambling is the only rational choice for the industry to not only survive but thrive.

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